Tokaj beer



abbreviated "Tokaj IPA", is a top-fermented beer of the AMERICAN INDIA PALE ALE type.

A unique beer, created by the collaboration of the elite family winery TOKAJ MACIK WINERY and the unique craft brewery KALTENECKER.


This first Slovak Tokaj beer was created by combining a brewery famous for many beer specialties and winery with modern to rebellious thinking.

Semi-dark beer type INDIA PALE ALE abbreviated IPA .

TOKAJ IPA is made in the popular AMERICAN IPA style, which is extra hopped with American Mosaic hops. Beers of this style are richer in aroma and bitterness.

Barley malt, hops (Mosaic and Aurora), water and Tokaj cibebas were used for this beer special.Cibebas are rare raisins with the noble mold Botrytis Cinerea Persoon, from which the rarest Tokaj selection putňa wines are made. These cibebas and their extract have been added to the fermentation and it makes this beer Tokaj.

Tokaj IPA is a beautiful semi-dark golden color with a copper tone.The beer is unfiltered, so sometimes the natural yeast haze creates a matte gold colour with an orange glow. The aroma is dominated by citrus aromas, especially grapefruit, which blends with the aroma of fresh grape must and even young aromatic wine.

The prejudice of Tokaj that is only sweet does not apply to this beer! The beer is not sweet at all, but it is mildly bitter. The taste will amaze you with its fullness and interesting combination of citrus aftertaste with raisin-sweet tone.

The overall experience is enhanced by the thick foam, which gives this special unique creaminess and complements the overall impression that leaves a unique gourmet experience.

  • MALT: Pilsner, Caramel
  • HOPS: Mosaic, Aurora
  • SPECIAL: Tokaj cibébas and their extract
  • ALCOHOL: 5,5 vol. %
  • ORIGINAL EXTRACT: 13 ° (Plato)
  • RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: 8-10 ° C. We recommend beer with roasted meat or grilled specialties.



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€20 –25 %
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folia 8ks tokajshop s
€20 –25 %

TOKAJ IPA 8-Packing TOKAJ IPA - the first Slovak Tokaj beer!  

tokaj ipa 0,33 u1250

TOKAJ IPA- the first Slovak wine.  

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