TOKAJ GRAND: the first modern wines from TOKAJ MACIK WINERY, which began to dispel the myth that Tokaj is not a sweet and heavy wine. Here you will find great wines from big vintages – from late harvest to selection of cibebas. Massive, full, but still modern wines from old roots from the BIO vineyard.

FREERUN: the wines were made from virgin harvests and from unpressed grapes from a BIO vineyard. After cool maceration, by gravity, we obtained a fine must for fine wines. The musts were clarified only by gravity, during cryo-sedimentation. Thanks to the low temperatures during fermentation, very fine, fresh and aromatic wines were produced. 

ROSÉ: FRANKOVKA ROSÉ or the new BODROG ROSÉ –  wines made from the lowest vineyard in Slovakia. The subsoil of pure sand gives these wines a completely different character. Samotok from Frankovka is an intense aromatic wine and BODROG ROSÉ is a fuller rosé wine from Alibernet and Pinot Noir.

 FIZZ: White, rosé or red wines made with fine sparkling will surprise you with their freshness and that is what you will love about them.

RIVERS: Wines named after rivers are new cuvée wines that have been fermented and matured with oak wood. These are more powerful and extractive white wine - ROŇAVA and red wines - BODROG and TISA.

SPARKLING WINE: Lovers of "Champagne" beware, because wines made by the traditional method come - the first Tokaj sparkling wine or the first red sparkling wine from TOKAJ MACIK WINERY! 

TOKAJ CLASSIC: The most valuable Tokaj from a medieval tuff cellar. The wine with history that the kings loved was also drunk by the pope. Unique Tokaj wines from big vintages!







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