Hepy Bery- infused wines

Hepy Bery- combination of organic wine with organic fruit juices. Light refreshing wines brought by Erik Macik, not only for the young!



hepy bery elderflower

Bio wine infused with cold brew of elderflower.

hepy bery strawberry

Bio wine infused with strawberry juice

hepy bery Blackcurrant

Bio wine infused with blackcurrant juice

hepy bery raspberry

Bio wine infused with raspberry juice

hepy bery sour cherry

Bio wine infused with sour cherry juice

hepy bery blueberry

Bio wine infused with BlueBerry juice

hepy bery plum

Bio wine infused with plum juice

HB mix
€46,20 –30 %

Hepy Bery 6 MIX 

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It all started in a young vineyard, where the father - Jaro Macik and son Erik worked together.

Jaro, a viticulturist and also an experienced winemaker who grows and produces wines with respect for nature. Erik- a young ambitious man who spent his entire childhood alongside his father in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Erik, who perceives the world around him, has no prejudices and therefore was not afraid to come up with the idea of combining his father's fine wine with honest fruit juice.

Wines that are light, fresh and low in histamines. Modern wines with lower alcohol content and all in organic quality, without unnecessary interventions and chemistry. The fruit juice comes from organic plantations and this is what we infuse the wines with. We have combined fruit musts but also cold brew of elderflower.


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